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Toradora AMV: Fireflies ♥

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ATTENTION: Spoilers :DThanks to EVERYONE for your wonderful, cheering comments! I read all of them and feel so glad that you enjoy this small vid :)!I love Toradora and this is my first AMV about this wonderful show.I thought this song would fit it anyhow, since everytime I listened to it I thought about the good, warm and lovely sides of life. This anime includes many wonderful scenes and moments, too, thats why it was very easy to put a video with it together. The atmosphere just matched perfectly.Now I also got a new video-software and it doesnt seem to make trouble at all. I love the quality of the final product and Im also sort of satisfied with it. There are only a few moments I would like to change (if I had more time) but only rendering took already more than an hour just as uploading it and I needed to get it finished quickly.Thanks to xValkyrieAngelx and sasukenote89 for explaining me how to render this video so itll be as you can see now!And thanks to lumcolette1993, who sent me a special effect-picture, just as to niciTheOnly1 who actually inspired me to create a vid to this song (she did one, too, you should watch it!) and helped me with the effects, too!All in all I did that for a special person I've been knowing for very long already (Rikku! xD). Its for his bday, but since I don't think he's going to watch it or like the song..I don't know whether I should give it to him x_X.I hope he has a great birthday, a very long life with much luck and health though.And now I hope youll enjoy it!![Credits are in the end of the video (as usual xD)]#76 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Film & Animation Thank youuuu ♥ :)! [15th Feb.10]ATTENTION: This video is completely fan-made. I do not own the song, the show or the pictures included. I only created it FOR FUN and for entertaining and also do NOT earn money with it!

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:03:47
Автор: Sweety Mina
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